The Ropes Garden and the Mysterious House

This is behind the rich kids house in Hocus-Pocus where the Witches mistake their father as the devil. Also the house in the postcard is the magical home in Mr. Pelinger’s House & Intergalactic Roadshow.

Mr. Pelinger’s House & Intergalactic Roadshow a magical house akin to a TARDIS filled with wormholes and a circus that plays a dangerous game of snakes and ladders with Sitting Bull, the Stoned Elephant, and General Custer as ringmaster’s.

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Travels by Our Founder


I’m Chris Dowgin. I do post more than my other authors, I still need to train them to advertise and create friendships with you readers from the four corners. So for now I apologize if you have to listen to me more than the others…

Here are some pictures of my travels home into the Pine Barrens in NJ. Yes, there is woods in NJ. A whole lot!

Below, please post some links about where you grew up. Paste links to webpages or photos of your hometown. It is important to remember and respect where we all come from. That is the foundation for any good story, a good beginning!

Illustration from A Walk Above Salem

Illustration from A walk Above Salem by Chris Dowgin

The last book in the Salem Trilogy which details the war of the sexes fought with Nerf Guns and peashooters. Fly with Mr. Zac in a Caddy Balloon far above Salem and find out who wins!
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Vintage Salem Morning

Poor Farm in Salem MA built by Charles Bulfinch

Poor Farm built by Charles Bulfinch

Szetela Lane

The Gnomes working behind the scenes at Salem House Press ask you to email your favorite vintage Salem photos to us and we will post them with recognition of you in future posts. Then bi-monthly we will make a gallery post with the best photos from readers like you!

Tyler Moves to Gibsonton Florida

Tyler and Clown on Ball by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin from Tyler Moves to Gibsonton Florida

Illustration from Tyler Moves to Gibsonton Florida by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin. The story about the boy who is always on the move with his software engineer contract working parents. This time he finds himself in a town where  rhinos, clowns, and penguins walk down the street! Will he ever fit in?

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Salem House Press Visits New Hope PA

Cool Little Art Town on the Delaware.

A place Salvidor Dali used to hang out in and George Thorogood played regularly in. A place you can buy a claymore sword, potions, a 10 foot rooster, whips , chains, incense, and peppermints. One of the coolest places in Buck County right on the Delaware River a little north of where Washington crossed the Delaware.



I’m President John Tyler


I became president after the assassination of William Harrison. My whole administration walked out on me on September 11th. All except Daniel Webster who was settling the Webster-Ashburton Treaty with the Barring Brothers Bank which were bribing him to create the Third National Bank. I refused to make the bank and my administration walked out on me on the anniversary of Alexander Hamilton becoming the first Secretary of the Treasury and creating The First National Bank. The first and second Banks had their charters expire because they were dominated by English bankers like Baring Brother’s Bank. September 11th has always been an important date in American economic history.

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