Public Drinking Water or Underground Bunker?

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What is it Really?


In Salem after Legg’s Hill Road is a road leading to a a fenced in house heated by propane. It is marked as Marblehead’s Public Drinking Supply location. For years I have heard about a location before Oakview Avenue and Legg’s Hill Road where there is a bunker that Marblehead and Salem police officers have used as a shooting range. I ventured there last week and this is what I had found.

Now according to Marblehead MWRA Annual Report they receive their water from the Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs and not this pond. So is this site an old public water resource or is it something else. Is it the large bunker I have been told about? I am not sure. There is ventilation pipe throughout, the welded door into the concrete circle, and old pipes. It is about a 5 acre site with two elevations and a pond. Most of the area is cleared. Who knows? If it was, why was it first made? What was the bunker’s purpose? If you have any info let me know below. It is near Dr. Loring’s estate which had tunnels leaving his mansion…

Many secrets in Salem!

For more read info Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City and its sequel Sub Rosa by Chris Dowgin published by Salem House Press. Available at Barnes & Noble, Remember Salem, The Witch House, Jolie Tea, and